Incognito – In Search of Better Days – maRAPcana

Incognito – In Search of Better Days


Genere (style) : jazz, elecrtonic, soul, R&B
.mp3 – 320 kbps


01. Love Born In Flames feat. Imaani 04:22
02. Just Say Nothing feat. Vanessa Haynes 04:41
03. Everyday Grind feat. Maysa 06:07
04. Racing Through The Bends feat. Maysa 04:08
05. Love’s Revival feat. Tony Momrelle 04:45
06. Selfishly feat. Maysa 04:58
07. Love Be The Messenger feat. Vanessa 04:26
08. I See The Light feat. AverySunshine 03:29
09. Echoes Of Utopia feat. Stuart Zender 06:50
10. Move It Up feat. Vanessa Haynes 05:10
11. Crystal Walls feat. Katie Leone 03:31
12. Bridges Of Fire feat. Tomoyasu Hotei 06:27
13. All I Ever Wanted feat. Maysa 04:18
14. Better Days feat. Vula Malinga 07:09

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